Halle Berry ya es mama‏
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Halle Berry ya es mama‏
sábado, 22 de marzo de 2008 a las 6:36
Esther Mañas

La espectacular Halle Berry ha sido madre el pasado domingo.

Según su representante ha comunicado a la revista People, el bebe Berry-Aubry, nació el pasado 16 de Marzo.

El nombre escogido para el bebe no ha trascendido aun. Esta criaturita, que nada mas que por lo guapos que son sus padres, debe ser una preciosidad, ha venido al mundo confirmando así la relación de sus «papis», que empezaba en Noviembre de 2005 en el rodaje de un anuncio para Versace.

Halle también ha optado por una maternidad madura, pues tiene 41 años, su pareja Gabriel Aubry tiene 32. ¡Enhorabuena!

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  1. Luis

    15 abril 2012 a las 8:11


    noo.. halle darn there CREATED the pixie cut.. c’mon now..Rihanna is a fashionista, but u can’t give her CREDIT for this one. And, if that were the case, then why didn’t Halle cut her hair IMMEDIATELY after Rihanna cut hers.. No beiaeltshsd woman like Halle needs to copy ANYTHING from a younger newcomer like Rihanna.. love em both, but i’m not buyin it.

  2. Yeten

    15 enero 2014 a las 3:05


    I had a moment of teorrr like that last year with my then-3 year old. We were at the first day of mini-soccer and there were at LEAST 400 people on the field (because every kid had parents, sibling and grandparents there, not to mention the next session was waiting their turn). I had my 9 month old in my arms and my 3 year old was playing in the net. I turned for a second to ask the coach how long practice’ was and when I looked back she was gone. There were a terrifiying 10 minutes when I didn’t know where she was, when the coach’s son can striding across the field with my chipper little girl in tow TOTALLY oblivious to the near-heart attack I’d almost had. I was bawling partly from relief, partly because it would have been SO easy for the wrong person to take her by the hand and lead her away. My husband came to EVERY soccer after that and we had a long chat about going where mama can’t see her and the stranger talk’.